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  • The concert stood for aesthetic presentation of instrumental music-The New Indian Express
  • Her flair and dexterity in playing the instrument marked the recital-The Hindu
  • There seems to be magic in her fingers as they dexterously move on the strings producing such wonderful music-Deccan Chronicle
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About Veena

The Indian Veena has dependably been considered as an instrument of the Gods and subsequently the name 'Perfect instrument' has been credited to it. From the most punctual times, the Veena has been a directing star for the advancement of Indian Music when all is said in done. In any case, Carnatic music loved the Veena and the Yazh as endowments of the divine beings and through hundreds of years of study and test, urged out of them an arrangement of music that has no parallel in the entire world.
Veena is the most loved instrument of a few critical gods including Saraswathi, the goddess of expressions and learning. The Veena took care of by Goddess Saraswathi is known as 'Kachchapi'. In the sloka ‘Vipanchya gãyanthi’ in Soundarya lahari, Jagadhguru Adi Shankaracharya depicts a wonderful scene in which Saraswathi plays the ‘Vipanchi’.
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1. Thanjavur Veena is Presented by Sadguru Sri Kandukuri Sivanandamurthy Garu which is merciful blessings on listening my concepts at his Asharamam at Bheemili.

2. "1st Prize" and got "Gold Medal" in the All India Competitions conducted by Navya Nataka Samiti of Hyderabd.

3. "1st Prize" and got "Gold medal" in state level competitions conducted by Vijaya Tyagaraja Sangeeta Sabha, Visakhapatnam.

4. 2002 Durvasula Bhagavanlu memorial "Gold Medal" awarded by Vijaya Tyagaraja Saneeta Sabha, Visakhapatnam.

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