Veena Virtuoso Tirupati Srivani Yalla

Tirupati Srivani Yalla is one of the foremost artists whose soul reverberates with this divine goal and energy. She is Andhrapradesh’s contribution to the world of Indian Music, especially Carnatic Music fraternity. She is emerged as a brilliant and famous Veena Performer of our times.She has performed in all major cultural places that cherishes Carnatic  Music in particular and Indian music in general. She has secured the admirations of her critics, connoisseurs of music and the rasikas who worship Art.

Tirupati Srivani Yalla is one of the foremost artists whose soul reverberates with this divine goal and energy. 
She is Andhrapradesh’s contribution to the world of Indian Music, especially Karnataka Music fraternity. She 
is has emerged as a brilliant and famous Veena Performer of our times. 

Srivani’s agility on the strings of Veena brought her “A Grade” in All India Radio.  The Indian Council of Cultural Relations (ICCR), which is an erudite body of Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India, has empanelled her into its Eminent Category which will now enable her to portray the highest ideals of Indian Music and Culture. Srivani’s sojourn in musical life and attainments are highly recognized and cherished by the State. Ministry of Human Resources Development, Government of India awarded her the Scholarship for Music.

Tirupati Srivani Yalla conceives brilliant ideas and translates them into picturesque expressions of swaras and is capable of model them with exquisite musicianship to create a pleasant and blissful musical atmosphere. With a subtle strum on the strings, she can produce lively vibrations and definitive tones. Dignified gentleness, despite abundant ability, has made her a respectable artist and has put her in the limelight amongst foremost Veena players of the country. Being an admixture of utterly dedicated, spirited and merited performer, Srivani has attained melody at her fingertips that exudes, congeals and crystallizes into the specific shape of a raga which she renders with utter musical bliss and ecstasy.

Her marriage to the renowned Sri Madhubabu Yalla who serves as the Producer for Sri Venkateshwara Bhakti Channel of Tirupati Tirumala Devasthanam in Tirupati added a meaningful dimension to her musical sojourn as a Veena performer. Together with him she blissfully upholds a truly Bhāratīya Samskr̥tic family and a musical life

Veena   Vidushi   Srivani   Yalla’s    academic distinctions are of very high order indeed. She is the winner of Gold Medal in Master of Art degree    from    Andhra University in Viśākhapaṭaṇam. The Potti Sriramulu Telugu University has awarded the Certificate of Distinction for Music and First Division in Diploma in Veena.

Presently, Srivani is serving the cause of Music education through her position as a Lecturer in Veena, and serves as the Head of the Veena Department in S.V.College of Music & Dance established by the Tirupathi Tirumala Devasthanams in Tirupati, AP.

Srivani has travelled far and wide in India and abroad giving concerts and enthralling her audiences. Amongst these, the most prominent and recent cultural glories are;

  • Global Tour performances in USA, New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, and France
  • Tirupathi Tirumala Devasthanam deputed her to Singapore for Vīna Concerts.
  • In the year 2000, as part of the International Youth Exchange Programe between India and Srilanka, she gave 6 concerts in that nation. All of these were broadcast and telecast live. This is by far a high and significant artistic achievement by an Indian Vīna
  • In the year 1999, The Directorate of Youth Services, Government of Andhra Pradesh awarded her 1st place and honored her as its leading Veena player.
  • In that same year, she received 2nd prize from the hands of Sri Murali Manohar Johsi, Minister of HRD, ‘Government of India, in the National Youth Festival at Lucknow.
  • In October 2000, she secured 1st Position and received the prize from the hands of Sri Sundar Singh Bhandhari, Governor of Gujarat, in National Youth Festival in Gujarat.

 For Srivani, her life and dedication as a Veena artist is of great importance. She is always at peace with her music and her divine instrument. The learned society and fraternity of Music has joyously recognized this and has bestowed on her innumerable Awards and Distinctions. To name a few, she was conferred;

The coveted Title and felicitations as ‘VEENA VISHARADE’ from Nadpa Sri Vishnumurthy Temple of Kanchana, Mangalore, under the Patronage and Leadership of Hon’ble Minister D.V.Sadananda Gowda, Minister for Statistics and Programme Implementation,Govt. of India,NewDelhi.

  • Narada Gana Sabha felicitated Srivani with “SENIOR VEENA ARTIST AWARD (Obul Reddy Award), Chennai.
  • Maharajapuram Santhanam Meritorious Award of Excellence, Chennai.
  • Nadpa Sri Vishnumurthy Temple of Kanchana, Mangalore, awarded with title of ‘VEENA VISHARADE’
  • Saraswati Music Academy of Atlanta, USA awarded with title of “SANGEETHA SARASWATHI” Atlanta, USA
  • Madras Telugu Academy felicitated Srivani with ‘Samikya bharata Gourav Satkar’
  • Durvasula Bhagavantulu memorial Gold Medal was awarded to her by Vijaya Tyagaraja Sangeeta Sabha, Visakhapatnam.
  • A magnificient Thanjavur Veena was presented to Srivani by Sadguru Sri Kandukuri Sivanandamurthy Garu
  • She was presented the ‘Emani Award’ instituted by The Saraswati Gana Sabha of Kakinada.
  • Srivani wond the 1st Prize and Gold Medal in the All India Competitions conducted by Navya Nataka Samiti of Hyderabad.
  • Winner in Classical, Light and Western Instrumental music in the inter collegiate youth Festival Competitions at Rajahmundry
  • Concert talent award by Visakha Music Academy, Vizag.
  • International Business Council felicitated her with the prestigious title of `Bharata Gourav Ratna’ in New Delhi
  • In 1999, she secured the 1st Place in Veena in the Yuva Sangeeta Nritya Mahotsava organized by South Central Zone Cultural Centre at Davangere.
  • In 1997,    Kurella  Sita  Mahalaxmi  Memorial  award  from  Sita  Music  Dance Academy, Vizag was presented to Srivani Yalla for her magnificent performance.

Veena Vidushi Srivani Yalla always enthralls her audience with her delectable performances. Her concerts are replete with Bhava, Raga rasa, Instrumental playing technical excellence, and above all her crystal clear and total involvement in Sañgīta and its greatness. With her dedication and involvement, she soon has risen to great heights in the Classical Music Fraternity of India. She has starred in most of the erudite Sabha and Institutions that prides in featuring the most eminent artists of India and Abroad. To feature some recent examples, she has given her performances in;

  • Madras Music Academy, Chennai
  • Krishna Gana Sabha, Chennai.
  • Narada Gana Sabha, Chennai.
  • Sangeetha Nataka Academy – Guwahathi, Bangalore.
  • Doordarshnan National Music Programme – Delhi
  • ICCR Nameste France, Paris.
  • Cleveland Tyagaraja Festival, Cleveland, USA.
  • Nameste France, sponsored by ICCR, Paris.
  • Dhrupad Festival, Varanasi.
  • Mudhra, Chennai.
  • Karhick Fine Arts, Chennai
  • Brahma Gana Sabha, Vani Mahal, Maharajapuram Trust, Chennai.
  • Tamil Sangam, New Delhi.
  • TTD Brahmotsavam.  Sangeeta Vidwat Sabha, Kakinada.
  • Doordarshan Kendra, Podhigai
  • Nadopasana, Chennai, Chennai Fine Arts, Chennai. ai Chennai.
  • Upayukta Bharata Series of Concerts dedicated to the Nation by Brahmavidya, Mysore, Karnataka.
  • Mysore, Shivamoga, Yavanika Auditorium in Bangalore.
  • CAMAGA Atlanta, USA.
  • Saraswathi Music Academy, Atlanta, USA.
  • Suvitra Academy, North Carolina, USA
  • Ramakrishna Mission, Guruvaiyur Temple New Jersey, USA
  • Visakha Music Academy, Visakhapatnam.
  • Sangeeta Vidwat Sabha, Kakinada.
  • DD Podhigai –  Chennai, DD Malayalam, DD Saptagiri
  • Tyagaraja Bhakta Samiti, Berhampur, Kaviti, Ichapuram.
  • Nadaneerajanam, Sri Venkateswara Bhakti Channel, Tirupati.

Srivani’s performances in the Digital Media are most significant too.  To name a few and recent hits

  • Rhythem music released a Carnatic Classical Veena commercial audio cassette with the title of “ALAYAPAYUDE KANNA” inaugurated by Violin Mestro Padmasri M.S. Gopalakrishnan at Naradagana Sabha Chennai.
  • Rhythem music released a Carnatic Classical Veena commercial audio CD
  • T.D released a Carnatic Classical Veena audio CD
  • Composed Mangaladhwani for Sri Venkateswara Bhakti Channel, T.T.D which was inaugurated by President of India

The Press and Critic has been very pleased and expressive of Srivani’s performance and achievements. Some of the most recent press critics can be listed here;

  • Raagam Taanam Pallavi in Shanmukapriya which was the mainstay of the recital mirrored here appreciation of musical intricacies. The New Indian Express
  • Her flair and dexterity in playing the instrument marked the recital. The Hindu
  • Here grip over musical niceties is evident although. Her accent on the exposition of devotional fervour and its emotional contour in the chosen composition couched in fine musical phraseology and it is commendable. Lilting melody and rhythmic grace market the delectable Veena Recital of promising artist Srivani Yalla at Kalabharati. The New Indian Express
  • There seems to be magic in her fingers as they dexterously move on the strings producing such wonderful music. Deccan Chronicle
  • The concert stood for aesthetic presentation of instrumental music. The New Indian Express
  • The Traverses of the swaram in trisram and the chaturasram as well in the two speeds with good balance on laya. Proved her proficiency. The Taanam in raagamaalika comprising Kapi. Bhiravi and Sindhubhairavi was a delectable exercise. The Hind, Chennai

For Tirupati Srivani Yalla, the most important goal in her life is to ever learn and grow to greater understanding of Music, to ever perform to greater heights and achievements of Rasa and to always be a humble devotee of her beloved Divine instrument – Veena.